About Me

A little bit about me..

My name is Brooke, and I am a 20-year-old college Junior with a HUGE interest in healthy eating, fitness, and living an active lifestyle.

I created this blog to write about two of my favorite things: exercising and finding/creating new healthy recipes that I can incorporate into my day-to-day life.

My Fitness Story:

I grew up in a small town in southern Wisconsin, and I have always lived an active lifestyle. Growing up, I was definitely what you would call a "ball of energy",  and looking back, I don't know how my mother put up with me, haha!

Sports helped to keep me busy, and I swam year round (a "lifestyle" which carried on throughout my highschool career) while participating in soccer, basketball, tennis, diving.. pretty much any sport that I could pick up that kept me out of my mom's hair during the summer!

Entering my freshman year in high school, I tried out for my high school's swim team after swimming competitively year-round since the ripe age of 4, when I was "FINALLY" old enough to make the age cut to join the "mini-sharks", my first real swim team. I made my highschool's varsity swim team my that year, and the rest is history.

Our swimming program was by all definitions, hardcore. As an incoming freshman, I was joining a team with a track record of 13 straight conference championships on it's belt. We swam twice a day, seven days a week (even during the school year). Getting up at 4:45 a.m to drag my butt to practice before school became my "normal" routine, and any time that I wasn't in class was spent in the pool.

Long story short, swimming gave me my first real experiences with fitness.

After moving for college, I lost that competitive drive that I had, and found out that fitness wasn't a daily part of my lifestyle anymore, since it was no longer a part of my day-to-day "routine".  You can read more about my renewed interest in fitness and my college story here. (Will post link soon).

Two years and a thousand miles later, here I am. I am entering my Junior year of college, majoring in Socioilogy and Criminal Justice. I am focused, driven and truly happy for the first time in my life.

I am training to compete in my first half-marathon in the fall :) More about my training plan here. (Will post link soon.)

The Foodie In Me:

I am a foodie.

I see no problem with this, and if you're like me, you shouldn't either! I believe that having a healthy love for food is a good thing. I think that the problem with the fitness world today is that too many women (and many men) believe that they need to "run so that they can eat", instead of learning to "eat so that they can run".

While I know that my love for running plays a huge part in my lifestyle, I also have learned that food plays a big role in fueling my fitness goals.

When it comes to eating, I am essentially a bottomless pit. Having grown up in Wisconsin, I can shove cheese and brats down my throat with the best of 'em. While I think that these Wisconsin diet staples should be enjoyed whole-heartedly, I also stress the importance of moderation.

I am constantly on the look out for healthy recipes and food ideas!

That being said, I feel like I should also address the fact that I am slightly obsessed with froyo, since I like talking about it as often as humanly possible. I could consume froyo by the tubful. And I do. Often.

You can visit my Recipes Page to see a few of my favorite go-to foods. Some healthy, some not so much :)