Saturday, June 4, 2011

30 Minute Treadmill Blast

Life is so, SO good today!

Why? I incorporated running back into my workout again yesterday and my hips are still feeling fine this morning. I am feeling so much better, and it feels amazing just to be running again! Take my advice: taking a break from your usual workout routine due to an injury or setback might seem terrible at the time, but you'll feel so much better in the long run. Now that I'm starting to feel like my old self again, I feel like I can't stress the importance of rest enough :) Life. Is. Good.

I started off my workout yesterday with a short 5 minute walk/warmup and a slow 1 mile run. I ran at a 9 min. mile pace, and I definitely felt slow, but the overwhelming rush of happiness that I felt while running made everything a-okay!

I also read my new Women's Health while warming up.. and let me just say:
I love Heather Morris!

After warming up, I completed my version of Julie's 30 Minute Treadmill Workout. I adapted her workout to make it easier since I'm trying to recover and this workout is TOUGH! I was seriously sweatin' when I was done!

So here's my version: 30 Minute Treadmill Blast
Whooof! That one left me sweaty and satisfied :) I completed my workout with an easy 20 minutes on the elliptical (mostly so I could finish my Women's Health magazine and wish I was Heather Morris). A wonderful workout overall!

This morning's breakfast consisted of one of my favorite staples... SMOOTHIES! I have a serious smoothie obsession. So serious, that when I realized that we were out of bananas this morning I might have had a mini-meltdown and hoofed it to the grocery store at 6 a.m. before my workout. I might be an addict.

Chocolatey Banana Smoothie

1 banana (I usually use freeze my bananas first, but as I mentioned earlier, I didn't have time for that during my banana breakdown)
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1 cup Almond Breeze (I use unsweetened vanilla)
1/2 TBS peanut butter
3 ice cubes (I wouldn't use if my banana had been frozen.. I am obviously really hung up on this)
1 pinch Xanthan Gum (for thickness.. I like my smoothies THICK)

Yum, yum, yum! Super delicious way to start the day! Now it's off to crank out a late morning workout! My 6'5" "baby" brother Matt is home for the summer and I'm dragging him along :)

Q: Do you have a favorite SMOOTHIE recipe?

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