Sunday, June 5, 2011

Job Fun!

Summer is officially here on the lake! The first few weeks of summer felt more like spring, the weather was a little chilly and it was seriously windy for four straight days! But after a beautiful, sunny, 87 degree day on the lake yesterday, summer has officially begun :) 

View from my pier!

And now that summer is officially here, I have some exciting news!! I FINALLY GOT A SUMMER JOB! 

After a two week long job hunt, I hit the jackpot yesterday! I went to my great uncles house to see if his landscaper needed any help with yardwork over the summer, and it turns out they were looking for someone to do just that! They live on the most beautiful piece of property on our lake, on their own island, and I am so, so excited! I'll be working four hour days, five days a week for good pay, so I am ecstatic! I start tomorrow! So I'll keep you all posted :)

Breakfast this morning consisted of two of my favorite things: smoothies and raspberries!

Another crappy phone picture to start your day.. haha!
Someone please drag my lazy butt to Best Buy!

Chocolate Protein Smoothie
1 TBS chocolate protein powder
1 TBS cocoa powder
1 frozen banana
1 cup Almond Breeze
2 ice cubes
1 pinch xantham gum

Now it's off to figure out what I want to do for my workout today! Sundays are my rest days, but I like to incorporate some light activity. Perhaps a bike ride or a short run/walk around Lake Wazeecha? I'll let you know :)

What do you like to do on your days off from the gym?

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