Friday, June 3, 2011

Blogging From The Future

Hey guys!

I was soo busy yesterday that I didn't even get a chance to look at my blog, so now I'm "blogging from the future". Today's post will be up at lunchtime :)

I started out my day with high hopes for my workout, and things went PERFECTLY! I wanted to try to incorporate a little running back into my routine without further injuring my hips and it went suprisingly well!

I started out my workout by walking for about ten minutes on the treadmill, then I challenged myself with one of my favorite workouts.

I made up this workout a couple of weeks ago when I wanted to incorporate run/walk intervals into my treadmill workout for the day. I love intervals! How is it that the five minutes of walking always flies by? ;) This workout is challenging, but definitely one of the easier easier treadmill workouts that I stick to. 

I was a little nervous about running with my hip injury at first, so I took it slowly and decided that if I felt any pain at all I would just walk for the rest of my workout. However, I was completely fine! I didn't push myself to go any faster than I felt comfortable with, and I am still feeling great this morning!! I am sooo happy!! It felt wonderful to be running again!

After my workout, I headed over to my cousin/best friend Lauren's house, since she is leaving me tomorrow to travel to London for an internship over the summer! I am soo happy for her, but I'm definitely going to miss my LoLo in my everyday life :( 

We've been attached at the hip since I can remember! (L-R: Lauren, Me)

She'll be in London until September, so I'm squeezing in as much time with her as humanly possible until Saturday morning comes.

We spent the day relaxing and chatting, and then went to one of her favorite restaurants, IHOP, for dinner :) I had the completely unhealthy, super delicious Nutella crepes and just about died. SO GOOD. 

Now it's off to power through todays workout!! Wish me luck!!

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