Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Foodzie Made My Day

So I came home from work today to find a surprise waiting for me on my doorstep..

I might have been a little too excited.. I was snapping pics on my phone like a crazy person! Haha!

In case you've never heard of Foodzie, it is a website dedicated to promoting and selling local, and Artisian foods. As a subscriber to the site, you can sign up to receive a Foodzie Tasting Box each month.  The box includes 6 food samples from the site, and you receive a new box every month! (You can cancel your subscription any time.)

After looking the site over, I signed up and was delighted to find that my first box was FREE! And after experiencing this box, I will definitely be keeping my subscription to Foodzie! I am in LOVE!

June's tasting box!

It was all wrapped up, so cute!

Now to break into the yummy goodies.. so far I've tried (and almost finished) everything but the Green Tomato Relish! Good thing I took these pictures quickly.. I scarfed down the Falafel Chips and Blueberry Acai Gummies in about 30 minutes flat!

Let me give you the tour...

Green Tomato Relish
Naturally, I'll start out with the only goodie I haven't tried- Wayne's Foods Green Tomato Relish.
-Wayne's Foods is a company based in La Grange Park, IL.
-Foodzie describes the Green Tomato Relish as being "such a favorite at the Macon County Fair that founder Wayne Cox started a business featuring his blue ribbon creation", the Green Tomato Relish. 
-Foodzie describes the relish as having a "piquant-sweet" flavor, using green tomatoes instead of pickles, and going great on grilled and spiced foods.

Blueberry Acai Gummies
Bissinger's Blueberry Acai Gummy Pandas win the blue ribbon as my personal favorite item in the Foodzie box!! I absolutely devoured these gummies! This is especially impressive when you take into consideration that I hate blueberries. I know, I'm crazy, but the texture of blueberries really freaks me out and I've never been crazy about the flavor either. However, these gummies stole my heart! They were soft, chewy, and bursting with fruity flavor! These will definitely be purchased within the next couple of days :)

Falafel Chips
As soon as I saw these chips in the box, I ran to the fridge and grabbed my roasted garlic hummus and cracked the bag! It was the PERFECT combination! These are an unbelieveably flavorful, crunchy, healthy alternative to pita chips. The flavor was fantastic! Definitely a close second to the gummies!

Coconut Oat Bar
"Made with love in Boulder, CO", Bobo's Oat Bars were a nice treat! The texture was perfect, slightly chewy, slightly gooey, and perfectly sized. I didn't like that the bar was considered "two serving sizes".. but the flavor was great nonetheless!

Spiced Almonds
Mrs. Sipps Spiced Almonds are the perfect combo of spicy and sweet! The flavor is indescribable.. a truly unique nut! A must try :)

Miso Chocolate Brownie
Kyotofu's Miso Chocolate brownie is a rich, gooey, chocolatey dessert in a small package. What more could you ask for? Except for one more :)

and there you have it..

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